Each of us writes our own story. At times, we need an outside reader to help us reflect on our past, recognize ourselves in the present, and aid in clarifying our intentions and desires for the future.

I am passionate about assisting individuals and couples as they work through life’s obstacles in a way that is both inclusive and empowering.  I feel that witnessing a person as they share and explore their story is a privilege.  

Some of the areas we can explore together are: Family planning, Infertility and Reproductive Health, Choice Parenting, Life Transitions, Lifecycle Challenges, Depression and Anxiety, Sexuality, Sexual Diversities, Dating and Relationships, LGBTQ Experience.


I specialize in helping couples navigate family planning when they find themselves at a crossroad, or when one or both members are struggling with infertility. Couples’ therapy offers a dyad a third pair of ears to help them understand some of the roadblocks in their partnership. I have a knack for decoding your partner’s words to help you better understand what their specific needs are.

GROUP THERAPY for Choice Moms

In an intimate group setting, we explore and discuss what it means to be a choice mom in the Bay Area. If you’re interested in being a part of our next cohort, please inquire about start dates. We would love to include you.